Fat giraffe loves reismagos!
13-07-2006   h 11.26, by Canefantasma
When the world zigs, zag...
07-07-2006   h 09.57, by jacklamotta
Graphic design da Treviso.
30-06-2006   h 19.25, by jacklamotta
1000 manifesti per Massimo Dolcini
Si inaugura giovedì 29 giugno 2006, alle ore 18,00, presso la Galleria Aiap a Milano, la mostra dedicata a Massimo Dolcini. In esposizione una serie di manifesti realizzati da grafici e artisti italiani. (Più di tante parole su Massimo Dolcini, una piccola selezione dei manifesti da lui realizzati)
26-06-2006   h 16.31, by Canefantasma
BauBaus location
Architettura, design, location. A Milano
22-06-2006   h 18.46, by Canefantasma
Key Lab
Across media. Agenzia romana.
22-06-2006   h 18.28, by Canefantasma
Senior Designer Cercasi
Fox International Channels Italy is seeking an experienced Motion Senior Designer to join our OnAir graphic group. Good knowledge of After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop is a must. The candidate has to be italian-resident. Apply here:
22-06-2006   h 14.04, by Daniele Cascone
Spoiled Milk
Copenhagen based design partnership.
19-06-2006   h 13.13, by jacklamotta
Il nuovo sito web.
16-06-2006   h 01.06, by jacklamotta
Igiene e i suoi nemici. Dirty and wet party. 30 Giugno, Cassero, Bologna. (Via Q)
15-06-2006   h 18.21, by M122arts
Original, funny and sharp! Nice use of flash 8. Have a look!
12-06-2006   h 14.11, by Luma
Shift JP
Issue #115.
12-06-2006   h 09.53, by jacklamotta
Progetti di comunicazione, online / offline.
10-06-2006   h 12.00, by jacklamotta
American Dreamz
After the Inconvenient Truth maybe they would like to get something soft like this commedy.
08-06-2006   h 00.21, by Luma
Studio con sede a Brussels.
06-06-2006   h 01.41, by jacklamotta
The Design Can
Brooklyn-based creative team focused on design for exceptional living.
05-06-2006   h 15.30, by jacklamotta
Sergio Streun & Vincent Schertenleib.
04-06-2006   h 18.49, by jacklamotta
Garadinervi - UPD
Robert Rebotti mette un bel pò di nuovi lavori nel suo "digital book".
04-06-2006   h 12.33, by nazario | ngd
La quinta versione del portfolio di una delle agenzie più famose on line. Estremi, in tutti i sensi.
04-06-2006   h 02.38, by jacklamotta
The Ronin - update
Il caro Rob Chiu aggiunge nuovi lavori al suo portfolio. Da vedere!
31-05-2006   h 16.05, by nazario | ngd
Civico 13
Studio torinese di architettura, grafica e comunicazione.
31-05-2006   h 00.30, by jacklamotta
JUNKIEZ®T-SHIRT è online con la nuovissima collezione disegnata da Daniel Egneus.
30-05-2006   h 09.56, by Boskizzi
Box Doodle Project
29-05-2006   h 13.53, by nazario | ngd
Design studio.
29-05-2006   h 13.37, by jacklamotta
small update.
24-05-2006   h 05.02, by THINKMULE
Who Killed The Electric Car?
Petrol price increasing every day. 99,9999% of the population of the planet is desperate. 0,00001% is really happy, and you know who, and you know all this was planned. Time to speak loud! Compliments to Sony Pictures
23-05-2006   h 14.56, by Luma
Supercool video, directed by Guilhelme Marcondes. Don't miss it!
22-05-2006   h 17.13, by Luma
Online il nuovo sito.
18-05-2006   h 00.56, by jacklamotta
My friend Stephen Kelleher relaunches his monster machine!
17-05-2006   h 11.27, by nazario | ngd
Online la nuova versione del sito!
15-05-2006   h 12.26, by Daniele Cascone