Il nuovo sito! Check out!
09-11-2005   h 18.05, by jacklamotta
Minky design
Design & illustration.
07-11-2005   h 09.59, by jacklamotta
07-11-2005   h 09.50, by jacklamotta
Lure Design inc.
Portfolio, Studio & Store.
06-11-2005   h 18.40, by jacklamotta
Synopsis media
Studio creativo con base a Timisoara, Romania.
06-11-2005   h 18.17, by jacklamotta
Design & art direction.
04-11-2005   h 18.05, by jacklamotta
Modern Dog
04-11-2005   h 07.58, by THINKMULE
A visual agency, Brooklyn (NYC).
03-11-2005   h 13.24, by jacklamotta
DDB Paris
Creatività a go-go.
03-11-2005   h 12.46, by jacklamotta
art site.
02-11-2005   h 01.07, by THINKMULE
(nwh) NoWhere
Nuove produzioni in casa NoWhere: Pepita Promoters, Musae, Gender Bender 05.
31-10-2005   h 20.27, by jacklamotta
B&G Design
Studio grafico.
31-10-2005   h 16.25, by jacklamotta
Flusso Design
Industrial design, comunicazione visiva e architettura.
30-10-2005   h 13.26, by jacklamotta
"After a six year presence on the web, elixirstudio becomes AREA 17 – an interactive agency, located in New York City, and very soon Paris. A new era begins."
28-10-2005   h 19.07, by Bruno S.
The Kill Switch Collective
Da Chicago, con un nuovo sito.
27-10-2005   h 14.13, by jacklamotta
bansky's fotolog
da tenere d'occhio.
26-10-2005   h 22.15, by gina lu
We Recommend
Il giusto approccio.
26-10-2005   h 16.03, by jacklamotta
Tick Tock Toys
50's inspiration.
26-10-2005   h 12.48, by gina lu
Karma Production
Music video productions.
26-10-2005   h 11.04, by jacklamotta
Van Beater
cool website. wicked art.
24-10-2005   h 16.44, by gina lu
old sk8 t-shirt
bei tempi!
24-10-2005   h 12.35, by nazario | ngd
Coordinated Marketing Communications.
24-10-2005   h 10.18, by jacklamotta
we have a dream ...
21-10-2005   h 17.20, by nazario | ngd
Peter Sutherland
20-10-2005   h 11.21, by nazario | ngd
Gli autori del sito della crew Birdy Nam Nam. Da Parigi.
19-10-2005   h 17.26, by jacklamotta
Die Gestalten
Online il nuovo sito. Decisamente più usabile rispetto al precedente.
19-10-2005   h 14.40, by jacklamotta
E*Rock is from Portland, OR. He works with a variety of visual and audio mediums as well as motion graphics and video, some of which you can see on this site.
19-10-2005   h 11.57, by gina lu
Design e grafica, Milano.
18-10-2005   h 18.37, by jacklamotta
(street) art. wow.
18-10-2005   h 10.34, by gina lu
Kreker | Creative Netowrk
Kreker è un network di giovani freelancers che lavora su tutti i media studiandone la massima integrazione e cercando una risposta creativa e funzionale allo stesso tempo
14-10-2005   h 16.12, by moty