Nuovi lavori, nuove idee.
15-03-2006   h 12.00, by Canefantasma
New album - New website
12-03-2006   h 19.52, by nazario | ngd
Advertising agency.
10-03-2006   h 16.09, by jacklamotta
Talent is not water
For all Michel Gondry fans, + loads of others cool videos
09-03-2006   h 20.58, by Luma
Absolut Gulp!
Sex, drugs, vodka and rock 'n' roll!, very very well done nice project
09-03-2006   h 20.51, by Luma
You got me Up video
Nuovo video by Konx-Om-Pax per "You Got Me Up" di Jamie Lidell.
08-03-2006   h 16.23, by gina lu
l'associazione è on line
07-03-2006   h 16.26, by nazario | ngd
fecal face
Interview with Ed Templeton.
07-03-2006   h 10.41, by nazario | ngd
Holly Wales
05-03-2006   h 03.21, by THINKMULE
celeste najt
03-03-2006   h 18.42, by nazario | ngd
Beat Fly
Multimedia Lab.
03-03-2006   h 14.35, by jacklamotta
OK, are you sure you want to see what's next? If you feel brave... you should visit this ADIDAS website.
02-03-2006   h 12.27, by Luma
The Royal Magazine.
NEw Issue
27-02-2006   h 07.24, by THINKMULE
NP and Co.
New print!
27-02-2006   h 06.40, by THINKMULE
Iconoclast Usa
"Iconoclast is a project-based studio working in collaboration with artists and institutions to produce a wide variety of multi-media endeavors." ...che detta così risulta molto corporate, però se vi fate un giro sul sito ci sono nomi e cognomi che fanno parte della storia dell'arte degli ultimi 30 anni.
23-02-2006   h 15.19, by jacklamotta
Guerrero & Partners
18-02-2006   h 15.36, by jacklamotta
On line il nuovo sito.
17-02-2006   h 18.21, by jacklamotta
Citano i Daft Punk...
15-02-2006   h 15.01, by jacklamotta
Interested in Advertising? Have a look at Advert Blog!
09-02-2006   h 15.15, by Luma
Lobby Design
Svezia aka stile.
09-02-2006   h 13.32, by jacklamotta
Head Magazine
30 30 30 30...
07-02-2006   h 11.50, by jacklamotta
"Today, with over 10 years of professional experience, a 2000 square foot product showroom, and design projects worldwide..."
07-02-2006   h 00.17, by jacklamotta
Creative communications.
06-02-2006   h 23.45, by jacklamotta
Surviving Fuorisalone
L’obiettivo del concorso SURVIVING FUORISALONE è rappressentare in chiave creativa (con tonalità libera: ironica, sarcastica, comica, documentaristica, pubblicitaria, ... ) un progetto, un'idea, un servizio che sostenga il visitatore nell'esperienza di un evento complesso. In palio premi da 500 a 2000 euro.
26-01-2006   h 10.48, by Daniele Cascone
Biz R
Design Studio.
24-01-2006   h 14.53, by jacklamotta
Dimitri Bruni & Manuel Krebs.
24-01-2006   h 14.20, by jacklamotta
More than a media agency...
20-01-2006   h 18.36, by jacklamotta
Mark Tucker Photography

19-01-2006   h 10.12, by gina lu
your local audiovisual dealer. c'è da farci un bel giro quà.
16-01-2006   h 16.27, by gina lu
London based design studio.
11-01-2006   h 02.33, by jacklamotta