Frederich Teschner
03-11-2008   h 16.35, by ll
Kennedy Prints
"We guarantee to put ink on paper and it may be wet when you get!"
20-10-2008   h 19.14, by ll
Aka Brauns, Gackstatter, Quintus gbr.
15-10-2008   h 14.27, by jacklamotta
ŕ 2 c'est mieux
Aurore Lameyre & Vincent de Ho˙m.
07-10-2008   h 18.05, by jacklamotta
Nuovo giro, nuovo sito (on line).
02-10-2008   h 13.29, by jacklamotta
Niessen & de Vries
Richard Niessen & Esther de Vries.
23-09-2008   h 13.46, by ll
Bendita Gloria
We are agnostic. We'll see you in the glory.
23-09-2008   h 13.38, by ll
Julien Vallée
Motion graphics and design in Monreal and Berlin.
23-09-2008   h 13.04, by ll
Base V
Experimental graphics from Sao Paulo.
23-09-2008   h 13.01, by ll
Design has No Name.
22-09-2008   h 11.10, by jacklamotta
Planet Propaganda
Art + Commerce + Culture.
22-09-2008   h 10.21, by jacklamotta
Micah Smith
Poster (3).
18-09-2008   h 09.45, by jacklamotta
Drag & drop, doppio click, ottimi progetti.
16-09-2008   h 11.09, by jacklamotta
Emmanuel Polanco. New works
Mixed media from Paris.
15-09-2008   h 13.59, by ll
Don't get fat just eat nothing!
Hafsteinn Juliusson, a product designer from Reykjavik
08-09-2008   h 21.01, by ll
Studio creativo. Jose Illenberger e Bong Segovia dietro le quinte.
04-09-2008   h 16.41, by jacklamotta
The Reeves Agency
Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
18-08-2008   h 10.44, by jacklamotta
Eva e Franco Mattes, a couple of restless european con-artists (job offer).
01-08-2008   h 20.47, by ll
Typography, Design & Propaganda from Den Haag
31-07-2008   h 11.14, by ll
Marian Bantjes
29-07-2008   h 11.15, by ll
Lava grafisch ontwerpers, Amsterdam
29-07-2008   h 10.55, by ll
Design Lab
28-07-2008   h 15.17, by ll
14-07-2008   h 14.56, by ll
Studio di progettazione.
09-07-2008   h 11.45, by jacklamotta
Ram Design
Studio grafico / Galleria.
01-07-2008   h 15.53, by jacklamotta
Studio grafico.
05-06-2008   h 13.37, by jacklamotta
Graphic design studio.
30-05-2008   h 10.56, by jacklamotta
Design Studio (via Netdiver).
29-05-2008   h 09.46, by jacklamotta
Matt Pyke
From the Designers Republic
22-05-2008   h 12.49, by ll
Sytefan Brüggermann
22-05-2008   h 12.46, by ll