Issue #15.
03-11-2005   h 11.24, by jacklamotta
#9, Novembre 2005.
02-11-2005   h 10.25, by jacklamotta
Frattura Scomposta
Uscita numero quattro.
02-11-2005   h 01.40, by jacklamotta
f f w d
Visual magazine.
31-10-2005   h 19.04, by jacklamotta
Creative State
A new Creative State issue is out!
31-10-2005   h 08.40, by Boskizzi
E' on line la nuova versione di Dissenzoo: arte, musica, poesia, ...
20-10-2005   h 15.35, by Boskizzi
Online il nuovo sito. Pių portale, meno magazine? Check out!
17-10-2005   h 19.04, by jacklamotta
Encore mag
October issue.
17-10-2005   h 17.11, by jacklamotta
DESTRUCTED.INFO is an art and design mag in .pdf. It is released quaterly and each issue deals with another topic. Issue#07 is out now and available for download!
13-10-2005   h 11.38, by Boskizzi
(Finalmente) aggiornamenti per questo interessante magazine/luogo made in italy. Da seguire con cura ed attenzione.
09-10-2005   h 20.12, by jacklamotta
Issue #4 e #5. Ed č sempre un bel vedere!
09-10-2005   h 19.58, by jacklamotta
Foot Foot
A new online magazine about art and life in Los Angeles.
04-10-2005   h 10.26, by jacklamotta
Colors Magazine Issue 65
20 years of fighting for freedom of press - Colors Magazine Issue 65. Read it.
03-10-2005   h 15.31, by Boskizzi
Issue #10.
03-10-2005   h 15.00, by jacklamotta
WAG magazine
Issue #1 ! Check out!
28-09-2005   h 14.22, by jacklamotta
Issue #030.
23-09-2005   h 10.46, by jacklamotta
Sunny 16
Sunny16 Magazine is now online! Exceptional work deserves to be seen!
17-09-2005   h 10.39, by Boskizzi
S-E-W magazine
Issue #13.
16-09-2005   h 10.50, by jacklamotta
Issue #3.
15-09-2005   h 17.33, by jacklamotta
Digital magazine.
15-09-2005   h 10.46, by jacklamotta
Happy Accidents.

14-09-2005   h 05.43, by THINKMULE
Issue #37.
07-09-2005   h 10.20, by jacklamotta
S-E-W magazine
Issue #12.
29-08-2005   h 13.19, by jacklamotta
24-08-2005   h 10.52, by jacklamotta
Amazing online photo mag with slick use of flash.
22-08-2005   h 14.18, by Boskizzi
13-08-2005   h 14.17, by jacklamotta
Issue #105 ...
11-08-2005   h 09.43, by Bruno S.
RaiseUp is a special collection of work by international artists. From Italy: Max Boschini and Mauro Manuini. Limited editions, series of 1000, hand-numbered and signed. Each copy comes with an original silk screen by Brandon Dunlap.
11-08-2005   h 09.22, by Boskizzi
A photo based magazine for art directors casting agents and people who love beautiful people and photography.
10-08-2005   h 10.59, by Boskizzi
Megawords Magazine
Issue #1 of a large newspaper format magazine featuring the work of our friends Dan Murphy and Isaac Lin. Also features photos from Gerhardt Koerner, Mike Levy, and Matt Gallagher.
08-08-2005   h 08.22, by Boskizzi