Issue #20. Check out!
05-08-2005   h 09.13, by jacklamotta
TOCA ME magazine
Get your copy.
04-08-2005   h 13.48, by jacklamotta
N.34 Luglio 05.
04-08-2005   h 00.39, by jacklamotta
Play Music Magazine
Issue #08.
01-08-2005   h 18.55, by jacklamotta
BlackList Mag
Issue #7. Interessante materiale su/di Dj Spooky.
01-08-2005   h 10.00, by jacklamotta
In 1997, Francis Ford Coppola launched a magazine devoted to supporting the brightest young voices in fiction...
31-07-2005   h 23.42, by jacklamotta
The new FP has been launched and it looks amazing. Featuring the work of many amazing female photographers as well as feature articles.
26-07-2005   h 08.15, by Boskizzi
Magazine olandese (thnx to Teis)
24-07-2005   h 21.40, by jacklamotta
Play Magazines
Who says toys are just for kids? ...
21-07-2005   h 12.30, by Bruno S.
The very first issue of StreetRes Magazine entitled 8×6. Download!
18-07-2005   h 12.35, by jacklamotta
Defrag Magazine
Defrag #7 is OUT!
18-07-2005   h 11.39, by Boskizzi
Bloodwars issue 18
It's now out and ready to view!
18-07-2005   h 03.14, by jacklamotta
Uscitanumerozerosei: "Situations are complex".
13-07-2005   h 10.24, by jacklamotta
Head Magazine
Nuova issue!
12-07-2005   h 10.36, by jacklamotta
Frida a Milano.
11-07-2005   h 17.44, by jacklamotta
Bastard Magazine
Bastard Magazine #2 ...
10-07-2005   h 18.10, by Bruno S.
Issue #7.
07-07-2005   h 19.23, by jacklamotta
si parla di sesso. e ci sono parole e ci sono fumetti e ci sono immagini... eloquente direi.
06-07-2005   h 10.18, by irene / c+
Luglio 2005. Cover: My Dead Pony.
05-07-2005   h 19.48, by jacklamotta
Luglio 2005, uscita #19.
05-07-2005   h 10.25, by jacklamotta
MakingRoom Magazine
"MakingRoom is a magazine about the process, intention and results of image-making. You'll see quite a bit of photography here but MakingRoom is at heart an 'Art Magazine' and will be open to the discussion of film, video, painting, and more."
01-07-2005   h 18.19, by jacklamotta
Nuovo sito, nuove funzionalitą, nuove idee.
01-07-2005   h 11.18, by jacklamotta
Interviste a: Cathie Bleck, Raul Colon e Istvan Banyai.
01-07-2005   h 11.12, by jacklamotta
Issue #3.
28-06-2005   h 19.49, by jacklamotta
Magazine made in italy. Check out!
28-06-2005   h 13.24, by jacklamotta
"3 x 3 is the magazine that celebrates all that is excellent in the field of illustration. Each issue explores the worlds of three artists in depth through interviews, photographs and page after page of spectacular artwork. These illustrators share their history, current vision and dreams; learn what drives them creatively and, occasionally, what drives them crazy."
22-06-2005   h 09.48, by jacklamotta
Primo numero in uscita con speciali e interviste sui designers che stanno partecipando all'Exposif Wallpaper Collection. Check out!
20-06-2005   h 16.03, by jacklamotta
Sneaker Freaker Magazine
"SNKR FRKR comes out twice a year and is distributed all around the world" ...
18-06-2005   h 09.29, by Bruno S.
RadicalPublishing have just launched s-e-w magazine Issue 10. An inside track to human behaviour and shameless from all over.
15-06-2005   h 01.10, by jacklamotta
RUGA®dagens bilaga
Limited edition DVD magazine. Featuring new audiovisual works by: D-fuse, Carolina Melis, Transforma, Zeitguised, Crankbunny, Wagoer, Ekumen, Lycette bros, Jewboy Corporation, Gregori Saavedra, Sascha Pohflepp, Boris Hoppek, Qian Qian, Bowling Club?, Via Grafik, Actop, Glaznost, 310k. In presentazione il 15.06.2005 a partire dalle ore 20:00 ad Apolo, Nou de la Rambla 113 - Barcelona.
13-06-2005   h 10.15, by jacklamotta