...was actually online last "Autumn 2005", including an interview with Alec Soth.
16-02-2006   h 19.10, by Boskizzi
2nd issue of the visual arts magazine Bak is now online!
13-02-2006   h 13.12, by Boskizzi
Spartan Dog
Uscite #11 e #12.
10-02-2006   h 17.50, by jacklamotta
NLF Magazine
Nothing Lasts Forever Magazines - Issue 09 The Rebirth - includes the Fashion Special and the Photo Special issue. Online now.
09-02-2006   h 10.10, by Boskizzi
Uscita #101, download!
07-02-2006   h 11.04, by jacklamotta
Play Music Magazine
Nuova uscita oline.
01-02-2006   h 17.34, by jacklamotta
BigMag #0
"Pilot" / download.
30-01-2006   h 12.21, by jacklamotta
The Drama
Nuova uscita.
24-01-2006   h 14.28, by jacklamotta
Fanzine 137
"A magazine must be like a human being".
24-01-2006   h 14.24, by jacklamotta
Pupu magazine issue 5
Music is the answer.
15-01-2006   h 15.24, by jacklamotta
Destructed Info issue #8
22 artisti su 73 pagine, titolo del numero: "Reclaim Public Space".
13-01-2006   h 00.35, by jacklamotta
Head Magazine
Nuova issue online.
09-01-2006   h 13.44, by jacklamotta
Bak Magazine
First issue of Bak Magazine is now online. Theme of the first issue is "Wrong".
09-01-2006   h 08.53, by Boskizzi
Faesthetic 5th issue
Faesthetic's 5th anniversary issue is out! 174 pages, featuring 80 artist's. James Paterson, Neuarmy, Joshua Davis....Only 1,000 copies are available, and each copy comes poly-bagged with a Quiet Life "Think Faest" button designed by Andy Mueller....
07-01-2006   h 03.09, by stolen
Meanwhile magazine
Call for submission, by Texelse Boys.
05-01-2006   h 12.00, by jacklamotta
PMM #01 is launched and features The Best Music of 2005!
03-01-2006   h 22.48, by jacklamotta
This is not a Magazine
Compendium #4. Da avere, assolutamente.
28-12-2005   h 10.46, by jacklamotta
Freshcut Mag
Online il primo numero. Check out!
22-12-2005   h 15.37, by jacklamotta
Issue #5.
19-12-2005   h 11.54, by jacklamotta
NoName Magazine
Issue #7.
19-12-2005   h 01.03, by jacklamotta
Un online magazine in procinto di far uscire il suo primo numero. La dealine per eventuali contributi fissata per il prossimo 1 Gennaio 2006.
12-12-2005   h 13.06, by jacklamotta
WAG Magazine
Online il nuovo numero! It's fresh, nice and it doesn't bite!
09-12-2005   h 10.06, by jacklamotta
Root Magazine
Issue #2 (thnx to Seacreative).
05-12-2005   h 14.25, by jacklamotta
Magazine dedicato alla grafica 3d.
21-11-2005   h 12.32, by jacklamotta
ffwd_mag#3 Event.
21-11-2005   h 12.06, by jacklamotta
Bloodwars Magazine
Issue #19. Download!
19-11-2005   h 13.54, by jacklamotta
PUSH survival issue now available!
15-11-2005   h 10.38, by Boskizzi
Tiger Magazine
Issue #32.
14-11-2005   h 14.28, by jacklamotta
Come trasformare un Photoshop tennis in qualcosa di concreto..
E da qui potete scaricare il Mag in pdf.
08-11-2005   h 12.29, by M122arts
The Blacklist mag
Issue #8.
05-11-2005   h 15.00, by jacklamotta