Some Photographers
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02-02-2006   h 15.14, by Daniele Cascone
Martin Amis
02-02-2006   h 14.02, by jacklamotta
Estevan Oriol
Lost Angeles.
01-02-2006   h 11.11, by jacklamotta
Alessandro Vincenzi
31-01-2006   h 11.52, by jacklamotta
F - International Award
Fabrica Forma Fotografia is an international award for concerned photography, launched by Fabrica and Forma.
24-01-2006   h 15.57, by Boskizzi
Cristian Galletti
Fotografie...e commenti.
17-01-2006   h 13.19, by jacklamotta
Anne Dokter
Fotografa, con una bella lista di clienti.
09-01-2006   h 17.58, by jacklamotta
Chiara Santarelli
Fotografa romana, attualmente vive e lavora a Parigi. Nei suoi scatti, musica, fashion e altro ancora.
30-12-2005   h 12.26, by jacklamotta
Les Krims
Un po' reale, un po' surreale.
28-12-2005   h 11.03, by jacklamotta
Gli scatti di Giuseppe Di Vita.
28-12-2005   h 10.21, by jacklamotta
Time: the best photos of 2005
Go to the site of this important magazine and vote the best photos of 2005!
26-12-2005   h 18.21, by Boskizzi
Some new great photographic sets from Pommefritz Crew.
22-12-2005   h 13.29, by Boskizzi
Andrea Marzagalli
Great photographic portfolio!
20-12-2005   h 15.55, by Boskizzi
Lele Saveri
Everyday snaps...
12-12-2005   h 12.59, by jacklamotta
Aaron Ruell
Un portfolio ricco di scatti veramente interessanti.
30-11-2005   h 13.54, by jacklamotta
I progetti degli studenti di Belle Arti di Chalon sur saone.
28-11-2005   h 11.41, by jacklamotta
Tom Stoddart
Fotografie, belle e "gravi" (via Joele).
21-11-2005   h 17.49, by jacklamotta
Images talk
Le foto di Paolo Cipriani.
15-11-2005   h 18.19, by jacklamotta
Aggiornamenti fotografici per Elena Cara. Stile!
14-11-2005   h 18.49, by jacklamotta
form is emptiness, emptiness is form form is not other than emptiness, emptiness not other than form
03-11-2005   h 12.05, by Boskizzi
Exhibiting photography that engages, inspires and excites the viewer whilst providing a forum for independent views on a wide range of contemporary documentary subjects, HOST is a new venue for exceptional photojournalism that is both profound in its message and innovative in its scope.
02-11-2005   h 12.03, by Boskizzi
NYPL Digital Image Archive
NYPL Digital Gallery provides access to over 376,000 images digitized from primary sources and printed rarities in the collections of The New York Public Library, including illuminated manuscripts, historical maps, vintage posters, rare prints and photographs, illustrated books, printed ephemera, and more.
14-10-2005   h 11.13, by Boskizzi
Luca Carta
Fotografo (website by SUEEO).
05-10-2005   h 11.04, by jacklamotta
Martin Barnard
Scatti davvero interessanti.
23-09-2005   h 10.14, by jacklamotta
Paul Paper
It's my party.
20-09-2005   h 10.42, by jacklamotta
Sguardi online
19-09-2005   h 12.55, by moty
Ecce Lomo
Version 5 is on line, with lomo, holga and polaroid snapshots... plus, a portfolio. Cool!!!
13-09-2005   h 09.56, by Boskizzi
Concorso fotografico: A Lomography project for the Vienna Architecture Year 2005
07-09-2005   h 12.37, by magtzedong
Ulysse Fréchelin
26-08-2005   h 12.17, by jacklamotta
Rachel Combs-Gullick
Photography, fine art, written word.
25-08-2005   h 20.45, by jacklamotta