Kenneth Lavallee
15-11-2007   h 19.59, by jacklamotta
Anna + Ami + Elina.
14-11-2007   h 21.30, by jacklamotta
Ginger Beards
Nuovi lavori on line.
14-11-2007   h 21.19, by jacklamotta
Julia Guther
Illustrazione & grafica.
12-11-2007   h 16.08, by jacklamotta
Fabrik Project
Girano voci che una delle menti che stavano dietro a 47thFloor a Roma adesso sia di base a Xalapa, Stato di Veracruz, Mexico!
12-11-2007   h 15.43, by FU
Jessica Williams
12-11-2007   h 15.18, by jacklamotta
TV-format creators' community.
12-11-2007   h 12.07, by jacklamotta
The Bungaloo
Il lavori di John Vogl (via gig posters).
08-11-2007   h 16.12, by jacklamotta
Mark Sgarbossa
Art + Design.
08-11-2007   h 15.57, by jacklamotta
Ian Kim
08-11-2007   h 13.08, by jacklamotta
Julia Friese
Portfolio (via Joele).
06-11-2007   h 13.50, by jacklamotta
Little Paper Planes
06-11-2007   h 11.15, by jacklamotta
Andre Whatcher
05-11-2007   h 09.10, by jacklamotta
Boris Schandert
30-10-2007   h 09.53, by jacklamotta
Chris Williams
29-10-2007   h 21.28, by jacklamotta
Christopher Lee
Un (super) portfolio.
26-10-2007   h 14.45, by jacklamotta
"...faire n'importe quoi, et bien le faire".
23-10-2007   h 20.04, by jacklamotta
Positively inclined
Wax Tailor feat M.Quaisse & A.S.M. Bel video, gran pezzo.
23-10-2007   h 15.07, by jacklamotta
Il portfolio di Tom Hulan e Sascha Minde.
19-10-2007   h 10.19, by jacklamotta
Design collective (via Joele).
19-10-2007   h 10.11, by jacklamotta
Wooster on Paper Book
"All My Friends Are Made Of Paper".
15-10-2007   h 15.06, by jacklamotta
Café Royal
Zines and Underground Press.
15-10-2007   h 13.49, by jacklamotta
Anita Fontaine
Motion and new media.
15-10-2007   h 09.56, by jacklamotta
The Half and Half
Posters, packaging, other.
12-10-2007   h 09.45, by jacklamotta
Le illustrazioni di Allan Sanders.
12-10-2007   h 09.21, by jacklamotta
IKEA, Let's do it again
How to evolve a great idea into something even better: 1) keep the good work you have already done as a solid fundament. 2) Improve it a lot. 3) Improve it more. 4) Improve it a little bit more. Here you have it. Forsman & Bodenfors did it again.
08-10-2007   h 20.20, by Luma
Benjamin Rossignol
Portfolio (via Eude).
08-10-2007   h 13.34, by jacklamotta
Ok, this has nothing to do with design... but I think it is really important so I am posting it everywhere!!! We are maybe too much involved with Global Warming, Human Rights and bla bla bla... to consider the most pressing issue of our times... Please do something before is too late. ACT NOW! p.s. there was a time in which i used to belive in democracy.
05-10-2007   h 16.36, by Luma
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Sony new TV AD has been finally released.. and, as mentioned before, it looks great to me... BUT, I just found on Newstoday an interesting article about where the concept came from. Well it seems Passion Pictures animation studio has a dirty method to get ideas... mmm that's not good.
05-10-2007   h 16.06, by Luma
Mateus Acioli
Portfolio (via Joele).
02-10-2007   h 15.28, by jacklamotta