FITC - Workshop/ Joshua Davis
$450 CAN for 2 day workshop. "I prefer to write programs (or machines, as I like to call them)... and itıs these programs that generate the compositions/animations for me. With this method, the end result is never static." Joshua Davis. Occhio a Colin Moock! WOW!
10-06-2005   h 09.39, by thonk
Se li vede Irene...
19-05-2005   h 18.37, by jacklamotta
Edward Carey at Fabrica
"Illustrating and writing fairy tales" Conferenza - reading aperta al pubblico 5 maggio 2005 ore 18:00 Wanted Creativity Workshops e Lectures 2005 info: | Fabrica, Via Ferrarezza 31020 Catena di Villorba (TV)
29-04-2005   h 10.55, by nazario | ngd
TOCA ME design conference 05
TOCA ME and LOUNGE72 offer you to be featured at the upcoming TOCA ME design conference 05 (June 18th, Munich/Germany) . "Our space is your space" is waiting to get filled up with your thoughts and feelings. Can be rational or emotional. What makes you get up in the morning with a smile? Why are you so angry? What does really matter in your daily life? The topic is open for your interpretation and ideas. Send us your best movie or animation. Can be a new piece of work, can be an old one. No Limitations. No restrictions. Surprise us!
13-04-2005   h 23.39, by jacklamotta