Jung und Wenig
Studio di grafica.
15-02-2009   h 11.17, by jacklamotta
Ale Formenti
...His story is similar to that of a good segment of today's Italian youth who seek alternative ways outside the mainstream for they are too old to be part of some generation x but too wild to be regimented into a system like ours, all centered on the postproduction of capital...
12-02-2009   h 12.29, by Boskizzi
Hanazuki say ...
Nico y Hannake in Amsterdam
12-02-2009   h 10.23, by FU
Mini Mini Art Show. Deadline: 25 marzo 2009.
11-02-2009   h 10.18, by jacklamotta
Rachel Domm
Portfolio: illustrazioni.
09-02-2009   h 21.43, by jacklamotta
The Graphic Graphic
Multi-disciplinary art & design collective.
09-02-2009   h 21.37, by jacklamotta
Mark Todd
Illustrazioni e mixed media.
09-02-2009   h 21.32, by jacklamotta
Elizabeth Weinberg
Ho inserito il sito di Elizabeth Weinberg tra i miei preferiti: brava e surreale quanto basta proprio come piace a me...
06-02-2009   h 20.54, by Boskizzi
Cort Cort
Il portfolio Cortney Cassidy.
06-02-2009   h 19.57, by jacklamotta
Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch
06-02-2009   h 19.46, by jacklamotta
Nanami Cowdroy
06-02-2009   h 19.29, by jacklamotta
Digital Design Contest: Cut N Paste Berlin 2009.
06-02-2009   h 19.16, by jacklamotta
Synth Eastwood
Dublin based music, art & technology group.
03-02-2009   h 21.37, by jacklamotta
Hey Go
Julien Hourcade & Thomas Petitjean = Let's go!
03-02-2009   h 21.34, by jacklamotta
Cosas Minimas
03-02-2009   h 21.24, by jacklamotta
Fausto Giliberti, Guido Gregorio Daminelli, Marco Fasolini e il loro Studio.
03-02-2009   h 00.36, by jacklamotta
Sanna Annukka
03-02-2009   h 00.31, by jacklamotta
Design Project
03-02-2009   h 00.28, by jacklamotta
Article 2 (for BHO)
A parte Obama bla bla bla, un ottimo progetto di Andrew Sloat (via swissmiss)
03-02-2009   h 00.11, by jacklamotta
Blanket magazine
Uscita numero 14.
02-02-2009   h 14.24, by jacklamotta
Marco Mueller
01-02-2009   h 15.23, by jacklamotta
Graphic design e illustrazione.
31-01-2009   h 21.12, by jacklamotta
En Bloc
Il portfolio di Ben Atkins.
31-01-2009   h 21.04, by jacklamotta
Uscita numero 19 in download.
31-01-2009   h 20.54, by jacklamotta
Nuovo sito, nuovi lavori.
29-01-2009   h 21.00, by jacklamotta
Indietrotutta - Musica e fumetto indipendenti
Sabato 31 gennaio 2009, ore 21.00 Enolibreria Da Jurka presenta inguineMAH!gazine, Centro Sociale Bruno - Trento. Mostra di: Gianluca Costantini e Paper Resistance.
29-01-2009   h 20.57, by jacklamotta
Vicente Silva
Illustrazioni e direzione artistica.
29-01-2009   h 01.07, by jacklamotta
Perttu Lämsä
Portfolio. "I work. I pay mortage. I like clouds."
29-01-2009   h 00.50, by jacklamotta
Heiko Müller
Disegni e mixed media.
29-01-2009   h 00.47, by jacklamotta
Tony Fitzpatrick
Mixed media.
29-01-2009   h 00.46, by jacklamotta