Abi Huynh
22-12-2009   h 16.46, by jacklamotta
Uscita #32 - "Take it easy".
22-12-2009   h 12.16, by jacklamotta
Ruby mag
Uscita #42.
22-12-2009   h 09.42, by jacklamotta
New visual arts and culture magazine.
21-12-2009   h 11.49, by Canefantasma
L'immaginazione al potere - Aldo Nove
"Il grande mercato dei sogni del potere ha bisogno del nostro sonno"
21-12-2009   h 11.45, by Canefantasma
Marco Balesteros
20-12-2009   h 11.59, by ll
Life of the Mind
Lo Studio multidisciplinare di Mark Owens.
19-12-2009   h 10.42, by jacklamotta
Amy Dilorenzo
Una particolare propensione per il ritratto.
18-12-2009   h 15.16, by Canefantasma
Nuova produzione in casa Edition Populaire.
18-12-2009   h 09.39, by jacklamotta
Mads Jakob Poulsen
17-12-2009   h 16.53, by ll
Black Milk
Handmade accessories.
17-12-2009   h 15.51, by Canefantasma
Hans Gremmen
16-12-2009   h 19.54, by ll
Andrea Stebler
16-12-2009   h 19.44, by ll
claudia doms
16-12-2009   h 19.08, by ll
The Complex of All of These
3000 photographs (-ish), 35 books, 2 months at the Women's Studio Workshop in Rosendale, NY. (via Studio No)
16-12-2009   h 12.04, by jacklamotta
Wyber Screenprint
Stamperia ad Amsterdam.
15-12-2009   h 10.41, by Canefantasma
Robert Bartholot
"A freelance designer with an emphasis on photographic illustration & art direction".
15-12-2009   h 10.38, by Canefantasma
Canicola rivista di fumetto e disegno contemporaneo. Uscita numero 8.
14-12-2009   h 09.15, by jacklamotta
Un gioco per gente paziente.
11-12-2009   h 23.11, by Canefantasma
Today and tomorrow
The most frequent topics are advertising, art, design, fashion, music and sneakers.
11-12-2009   h 15.43, by Canefantasma
11-12-2009   h 15.40, by Canefantasma
Wear It With Pride
The shop(!)
10-12-2009   h 23.53, by jacklamotta
Michael Zavros
Realismo estremo.
10-12-2009   h 10.55, by Canefantasma
Michel de Broin
Progetti artistici.
09-12-2009   h 15.14, by Canefantasma
Rebecca Ward
09-12-2009   h 15.11, by Canefantasma
Prof Fons Hickmann
One of today's most awarded design studios.
09-12-2009   h 11.25, by ll
Frederic Teschner
09-12-2009   h 11.13, by ll
Post Typography
"Wayne and Garth meets Chermayeff & Geismar."
08-12-2009   h 11.08, by jacklamotta
Raymond Biesinger
08-12-2009   h 11.07, by jacklamotta
DIY Album Art
"...the albums featured in DIY Album Art laid the groundwork for ideas that can still inspire today."
08-12-2009   h 11.01, by jacklamotta