Max Boschini

Nickname: Boskizzi


I was born in Mantua, a small town in the North of Italy where I still live and work, in the first months of 1973. I approached visual arts at the beginning of the 90s, as a self-taught artist: my university background relates to economics and social studies. My first artistic experiences involved digital works with images manipulation and short films production. In 1999 I cooperated with DollyDesign, the first Italian web community dedicated to web design. In that period I also took part into the CWR - Creativo Web & Tv Festival, at the Triennale in Milan, where I reached the finals in the “Flash Animations” section and received the juries special mention at the 2000 Bardi Award with my project called “Pioggia Acida”. In 2003 I joined the designers and artists collective group called Design(Radar and thanks to a specially modified image I reached the “Lost Paradise” contest finals organized by Diesel: this was the end of my digital artistic period. After that I attended a course in photography literacy and began to take photo only with an analog reflex. Meanwhile I contributed to the foundation of the Group of Photography La Ghiacciaia and of the Pommefritz collective, with the aim of meeting other artists and sharing my knowledge. Since 2005 I have been appearing in the photographers list of the German collective, which in 2007 issued its own anthology, with two pages dedicated to my photos.

In 2004 I began my expositive activity. Some of the most important expositions of this period include my admission to the biennals in Arad (Romania), Hong Kong, Sofia and Cuenca (Ecuador), as well as the participation to the Photography Festival in Rome, to the Fonlad 06 to the Asiatic Photography Festival in Dhaka (Bangladesh) and to the artistic event RintracciArti (Mantua). This last organization has used some of my photos for its national advertising campaign. In 2007 two expositions dedicated to my works have taken place: one at the Bertolt Brecht gallery in Milan and the other in Haarlem (Holland), in the space of the art gallery ArtUnit. Other art galleries and associations have showed interest for my conception of photography, too, such as the Denver Sellars Project Space and the London Photographic Association, by which I was awarded in 2006 with the “Silver Winner” prize.

Recently the magazine of photographic culture Gente di Fotografia has published one of my texts together with some photos taken by the Pommefritz collective, 4 pages in total. The same happened in 2006, when the Digital Life Style monthly interviewed me and published the interview with some of my photos in their issue number 3. Moreover my name appear on the book 28mm, the book, published in 2005 in the United States as tribute to the 28mm Internet website.



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